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Well, well, well. This is the ten year anniversary of the Lewin Family Virtual Interactive Christmas Hanukah Year-end, Letter. The first on-line edition was in 1998 and it has been worldly (and widely) acclaimed ever since. Yes, that distant relative that I rarely talk to, living in the wilds of Africa, has again asked when I was going to publish this ongoing masterpiece. Well, here it is.

Let us begin with the most important event of the year, ahhhhh no, make that of the generation. Anthony graduated from college, the University of Redlands. "What a relief," his parents cried out, over and over and over and over. Additionally, as you may remember from the previous LFVIYL (that is Lewin Family Virtual, Interactive, Year-end Letter, to you), he had secured a job nearly a year in advance to begin on a date that will live in infamy: September 17, 2007. That fateful day came and he went off to work. Rest assured that he is a happy and producing employee of the fifth largest national accounting firm and plans on sitting for the first part of the CPA (Cleaning, Pressing and, oh never mind, you heard that one last year) examination just after the first of the year. Additionally, as you are reading this LFVIYL, he should be at the first off-site company that will endure the wrath of his audit.

Lifecycle events can be a wonderful thing and they can be mean and cruel. This year it is a two edged sword. Carol was the first to turn the big Six-oh. She radiated joy and happiness as the crowd swelled in advance of the big event. Unfortunately, it was the hottest day of the year, but rest assured that it was a wonderful event with the elderly having a great time.

Usually these holiday letters that we receive in the mail, are crammed full of all the travel adventures that the writer(s) enjoyed. This will be no exception.

In February, Carol and Anthony attended Carol's nephew, Michael's wedding in Hawaii. A grand time and a good excuse for some R&R across the Pond. Here are a few pictures, (This is a PowerPoint slide show: in order to move to the next slide, click your mouse button or press your Enter button. If you are using an Apple product, good luck.).

Carol has maintained her frequent flyer status taking several trips to Dry Gulch, also known as Casa Grande (Arizona) to visit her friend and now famous author, Leslie Wootten and her husband, Jerry. Jerry went in for some emergency surgery and there was no one available to run the farm populated with goats, horses, dogs, cats, gophers, roaches and a few spiders. Carol, with animal food in hand, made lots of new friends very quickly and even learned the appropriate use of a rake in the corrals. Carol returned to Dry Gulch later in the year with her friend Evelyn, to witness Leslie's first book signing of her book: Keefer,

Carol also went to New York once or twice, I really can't remember. One time she went with friends, Evelyn and Suzan. This was Evelyn's first trip to the Big Apple. They took in a few plays, visited family and saw a museum or two. (Maybe Carol saw her family in the museum, she can't remember just where they were).

Then the three of us went to San Francisco to see Cousin Richard. Richard, you see, was diagnosed with cancer several years ago and is on a special medication. He has responded so well that we attended his Celebration of Life party. We saw relatives that we hadn't seen in years and some we hadn't seen at all. It was a great afternoon being with everyone. Here are some pictures in another PowerPoint Show.

And speaking of Richard, his mother, my Aunt Gladys, passed away this year at the age of 89. She was a wonderful lady, with the same sharp wit as her mother, my grandmother Pearl. This was indeed, the end of an Era.

The second of Anthony's friends tied the knot this past summer, Kyle got married. Kyle and Anthony have been friends since kindergarten here in Encinitas. Kyle went on to attend Notre Dame, was on their varsity football team and is now working for Ernst & Young in New York City. It was a great party.

Many of our out-of-town readers called and shared their concerns when, in October, seven wildfires raged in San Diego County and the Witch Creek Fire came within about three miles of us. It was an incredible firestorm and here for those out-of-town, here is another PowerPoint show with graphic pictures that tell the entire story. They say that a picture is worth 1,000 words, these pictures tell much more.

Speaking of disasters, this author now thrives on disasters. I am working (yes, for $$$), on a temporary basis, for the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services in Telecommunications. It is a great job with lots to do and learn. Working up to 15 hours a day and commuting 90 miles each way to work can be a bit tough, it is a great deal of fun. It is all related to the firestorm and what comes after the Santa Ana fires? That's right, rain, flooding and mudslides. Ahhh, my work is never done.

Your author, accompanied by Anthony,made the yearly pilgrimage to Tucson to get together with a few high school friends. The gathering was again hosted by the most gracious hosts Bob and Vicki Saxon.

Carol is still doing landscape design, but is now doing it solo. This author suggested a new name for her venture, "Ants in Your Plants," but it really doesn't send the right message.

Faithful cats are doing as fine as can be expected, Ted is still an asthmatic, Teeger has a touch of arthritis and has recently been complaining that getting older is not for wimps. They both have recently been enfatuated with watching Elizabeth Taylor in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof."

Mickey (Carol's mother, in case you forgot), last year re-recorded the annual holiday greeting for everyone. The circumstances don't change and it is just as relevant now, as it was last year. Please click here to download the file. It is about a 3.5 Meg file, so if you don't have a high speed connection, go find someone that does.

If you are so inclined, sent us a note... Carol, Anthony, my buddy Guido or Don't Even Bother.


Lastly, we leave you with words of wisdom for the coming year:

Life is like a sewer, what you get out of it, depends on what you put into it.


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