The Lewin Family Letter - 2001

They did it again! Someone came in, shrunk this year into about three months and turned it into one big blur.

For the fourth consecutive year, the Lewin Family has put their heads together to bring the readers up to date on our activities.

Hard to believe, Anthony is taller than Carol, taller than me and taller than the cat. He is midway through his third year at San Dieguito Academy High School and still very much involved in Speech and Debate. He is getting ready to take the SAT test and starting to look at colleges. In the spring, Anthony played on the junior varsity tennis team at school and is planning the same for 2002.

Anthony and his friend Garrett started a new business, A & G Internet Sales, where they purchase bargains at local garage sales and sell them on Ebay. According to A & G, business is very good. Anthony also has a truck to drive to pick up these bargains. Carol flew to Phoenix to pickup a pickup! We purchased a 1992 Chevrolet long-bed and share it with Anthony.

Carol is still very much and very happily retired. She enjoys the life of leisure working in our newly re-landscaped backyard. The truck certainly comes in handy hauling rocks, mulch and plants. She continues to volunteer her time helping the senior citizens with their taxes, and working at Quail Botanical Gardens. She joined the San Diego Horticulture Society. I keep reminding her of the old joke about "leading a horticulture, but you can't make her think," but she says that's not funny anymore.

Other than the holidays, Carol ended the year attending a true Arizona "hoe-down" in Casa Grande. She reports there were fiddlers, wagon rides and farm animals to pet and walk among.

Don't forget our worthless cat. Still eating, stretches, eats, sleeps, stretches, eats, sleeps, goes outside, uses the outdoors as a liter box, come inside, eats, sleeps, stretches, eats, sleeps, goes outside, uses the outdoors as a liter box, come inside, eats, sleeps, stretches, eats, sleeps, goes outside, uses the outdoors as a liter box, come inside....

Me? I'm still sitting up in my perch...still working. Work is good, and the view is great.

The most exciting event of the year, of which we are still talking about daily, was Carol's and my summer trip to Austria and Italy. Initially, it was rather traumatic, as I had never been anywhere more exotically foreign than Nogales or Tijuana, but once we landed and traveled through Austria and Italy, it developed into the most wonderful, incredible, exhilarating experience of our lives.

The people we had met, the places we had seen, were all fantastic and an experience we will never forget. Our only regret was that we were not able to share the trip with Anthony, who decided to return to his summer camp as a CIT (Counselor in Training).

Because the five week trip was my trip of a lifetime, I began to put my travel log into writing and is posted on the Internet including important links. It is not complete.

Be sure you check it occasionally as I am only up to Milan, with the Tuscan area and Rome to go.

What will the coming year bring: peace, prosperity (with the very low interest rates), happiness.....and strawberry fields forever.

We look forward to hearing from you.............via email.

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