The Lewin Family Letter - 2002

Alright, you have several choices...(1) toss this family letter in the trash as you probably have read too many this year, (2) gingerly place it under the house to scare off the termites and similar critters, or (3) grab some eggnog, sit down, read the remainder and continue to be mildly amused.

Just after the first of the year when the Sugar Plum Fairy exited and the Income Tax Lion roared in, Carol again picked up her pencil and calculator and helped the elderly prepare tax returns. Not having enough fun, Carol went back in the Fall and assisted the low-income elderly submit credit for the California State Renter and Homeowners refunds.

Carol continues to be the airline's best friend...taking three trips to the East Coast and one to England. She helped her sister Marie and her husband move from New Jersey to Virginia, then took a late summer trip, with Anthony, to Marie and Henry's new home along the Chesapeake Bay, and then visited New York to see her other sister, Roseann and her family.

One of our friends visiting London, had extra room so Carol quickly took up residence. She took in the sights of Bath, Cambridge, London and even "punted" on the Cam River. In London, she toured museums, Abbeys and took in a play. The fall trip to New York City was highlighted by a high school reunion, great seats for several Broadway plays, toe-tapping with the New York Ballet and a trip to Ground Zero.

She also became easily bamboozled and took a bamboo craft class. She was so successful that she and a friend made a bamboo trellis for the back yard that is still standing.

Carol's pastime of gardening has turned into a full time proposition. She constantly expands her involvement at Quail Botanical Gardens, as a docent, on the docent board, in charge of the Succulent Gardens, working in the gift shop and special events. Carol made the fatal mistake of attending a meeting of the San Diego Horticulture Society and is now the Hospitality Queen, being the co-coordinator of the 2003 Gala.

With her friend Katie, Carol is a partner in the landscaping design firm of Pelican Design. Together, they do landscape design and implementation. Within the first month, Pelican Design is assisting six clients with their needs.

Anthony, now a senior at San Dieguito Academy, has contracted a severe and debilitating case of "senioritis." He continues to foster his skills at computer games while he applies to colleges. He is still selling items on E-Bay and keeping local eateries in business with his profits.

Anthony in preparation for a amateur radio scholarship, took the ham test and passed. He now has the call of W7UTV, in honor of Arnie's dear family friend, Norman Wezelman, who had the call for over 40 years. Anthony joins Carol (WA7BIA) and Arnie (W7BIA) as a ham radio operator.

Arnie is still working, by the way. Thanks for asking, but enough about me.

What about 2003? Carol has been accepted into and begins classes in the Master Gardner Program. Arnie's application is pending for the Advanced Baiter Program.

We wish each and everyone happy Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year.


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