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The Lewin Family Holiday Letter

December 1999


Happy Holidays from the Lewin's:

Once again, another feeble, but I promise humorous, attempt to sum up one boring year by the reader's standards and mold them into something witting and charming...just like the writers.

But first, a most serious, somber note: A very close and dear childhood friend of Arnie's passed away this past year.

Mendy Poliakoff was a most wonderful and dear friend and had been friends since the age of five.

Mendy was diagnosed with cancer in July and had passed away less than four months later. His friendship will be dearly missed and he will be always be in our thoughts

It was an exciting year for the teenager in our midst; as Anthony entered high school just when his voice started to change. Anthony soon found speech and debate to be his favorite subject and he practices on his weakening parents on a daily basis. Anthony also spent time this summer at his favorite camp in the Los Angeles area with several of his close friends.

Carol spent four weeks in the New York/New Jersey area bouncing between her sisters homes. She suffered through the heat wave of 1999 where the temperature peaked around 110 degrees. She saw several plays on Broadway, went hiking at the Delaware Water Gap, visited other family and friends and reluctantly returned to Southern California. Of course the highlight of the journey was to help celebrate her Uncle Vinny (Boom-Ba)'s 90th birthday with many uncles, aunts and cousins who she hadn't seen in many years.

Anthony and Carol spent two weeks with her Sister Marie and her family on a house boat on the Thousand Islands in upstate New York.

Carol "cashed in her chips" and "threw in the towel" at work and entered the world of the retired. She's officially off the freeway during the rush hour and she can usually be found spending that rush hour on Crest Drive in Encinitas walking for exercise. To those of you who envy her, she is spending her time sleeping in, working around the house, reading, visiting friends, and volunteering for various organizations. Since she and Arnie joined a new gym, she promises to be exercising at least four mornings a week.


And speaking volunteering, Arnie and Carol have found an additional life...the life of ushering. Yes, you can spot them around San Diego and La Jolla looking like penguins with white shirts and black pants.

You can spot them at the La Jolla Playhouse and the Old Globe Theater in Balboa Park. As Jimmy Stewart so well stated: "It's a Wonderful Life!"

We would like to thank Mr. Paul Culver, who without his kindness, dedication and undying modesty, has so graciously allowed us to enter this Brave New World of ushering. (Happy now, Paul?).

1999 was fraught with some unexpected and uninvited house guests. The decision was a "no-brainier" and we had to have the house tented to dispose of the termites in a most humane fashion.


We chickened out!! For those lucky enough to remember our foul friends (and the foul odors), the hens, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, were sold for "poultry" sum and crossed the road to another family. We miss those daily eggs, but we don't miss raking the fertilizer and swatting the flies. Believe me, that was no yolk. Those pets have been replaced by several fish, our ever present dolt of a cat, and numerous dead termites.

We wish each and every reader who possesses the intestinal fortitude to read this far, the very happiest, healthiest and prosperous New Year and New Century.

Be well, do good work and keep in touch.

Other Family Holiday Offerings: