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Remember the conversation between the two frogs a'sittin on the Lilly pad, where one turned to the other and said" "Time's fun when you're havin' flies." Not only has time flown by this year with all the activities, but it has been lots of fun. Let me try to bring our readers up to date...

If you dig back into the deep recesses of your memories, you will remember that Carol was accepted into the Master Gardener Program for the County of San Diego. She studied hard this year and passed with green thumbs. Keeping the family tradition alive, she wore the same gown that Anthony wore at this year's high school graduation. (Arnie's application into the Advanced Baiter Program was accepted and he successfully completed, and was credentialed into the Master Program).

Carol made two trips to New York to visit family. There was a gathering of relatives: Carol's two sisters, Aunt Rita, Aunt Frances, Uncle Sonny and his wife Aunt Clara, among others. There is a strong possibility that they, once again, watched the Godfather trilogy.

With illness plaguing members of the East Coast family, Carol was there to help out in August and then returned in late September. Just before her second trip to the Big Apple, Carol and I attended our nephew's wedding in Boca Raton, Florida in late September. It was a wonderful wedding with family members. To me, those family members began to look much better after four or five or ten glasses of vino. I can't really recall.

The San Diego North Coastal, world renown landscape design company, of Pelican Design, celebrated their first year anniversary completing almost 25 jobs. Nearly twenty five homes and a few pelicans, are successful manifestations of Carol and her partner's talent.

Anthony graduated from San Dieguito High School and entered college at the University of Redlands, about two hours driving time north. His parents keep mumbling something about being close enough, but yet far enough away. He is rooming with his friend Garrett, who also lives here in Encinitas.

Anth is relishing such courses as economics and calculus and is thinking of majoring in financial economics. Next semester he is taking macro economics, intermediate micro economics, critical thinking and Espanol (that's Spanish, for you gringos). Upon graduation, his parents think that Governor Schwarzenegger will still be looking for competent assistance.

This writer continues to go the gym early most mornings and to be very busy with his volunteer activities with the (City of) Encinitas Traffic Commission and the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services, Auxiliary Communications Service. Oh yes, he is still working.

We wish each and everyone a happy Holiday Season, great health and a prosperous 2004.

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