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2010 has been a busy and a transitioning year for some of us and a mundane year for the other.

The most important news is the passing of Carol's mother in February. Mickey had a wonderful life and we were very honored to be with her the last several years.

Mickey DeGilio was a wonderful lady who spent much of her time with us. When we vacationed to Hawaii and Seattle, Vancouver and Victoria, she was with us. On motor trip to the Durango area, she was with us as well as on numerous trips to the White Mountains of Arizona. Most memorable was her cooking and baking. No one and no restaurant can come close to her homemade ravioli and other pasta. No question, she could have been the chief at a five star Italian restaurant.


Carol continues to be very busy with her volunteer activities and refuses to let any "grass grow under her feet.' Especially, because Southern California suffers from a perennial water shortage. However, as this writer feverishly types away (December), we have had several days of dreary and wet weather. In just a week, we have had over six and a half inches of rain in Encinitas.

(Rain guage shows
four inches)


I lost a very dear friend, Jerry LeMaster. I met Jerry over 20 years ago as a client and over the years our friendship grew to be part of the family.Rest in peace Jerry, I will miss your friendship, our conversations and your laughter.


Carol divides her time between Quail Botanical Gardens (now known as San Diego Botanic Garden), San Diego Horticulture Society, Friends of the Encinitas Library, and San Diego Master Gardeners. For the Master Gardeners, she is a bored member and for the Horticulture Society, she is a member of the program committee. She is also a member of two book clubs which I have covertly discovered is a shill for a bunch of old ladies getting together in the late afternoon and having a too good a time.

She is also rumored to be seen at The Old Globe Theater and La Jolla Playhouse dressed in black and white, parading as an usher.

In February, Carol drove the seven hour trip to Tucson (in just over five hours) to celebrate Leslie Wootten's mother's birthday. Janet turned 80, but is going on 50! Lots of energy, that lady. You go, Girl!!

In March it was a Master Gardener trip to La Casa Pacifica (aka Nixon's Western White House). That was followed in April to visit the Los Angeles Arboretum . In June, she traveled to Sonoma, ostensibility to look at some plants.

Later in the year, she visited the Huntington Library and Gardens near Pasadena. What a beautiful place. She spent the morning in a class with the director of the gardens, Jim Folsom.

The service for Carol's mother, was held in New York in May and Carol was there with the family.

One of the most important and earth-shattering bits of news is that Anthony packed up his suitcase and laptop in May and moved to Indianapolis to be with his girlfriend, Erin and her family. Since employment may be easier in the Midwest, Anthony looked for work and landed a sweet job as one of the auditors for the City of Indianapolis.

Carol didn't need any excuse to attend the wedding of Joe and Teva Blair in Ohio and decided that whe would fly into Indianapolis to visit with Anthony and the gang, then she, Anthony and Erin would drive to the wedding. After the wedding celebration, Anthony drove her back to Indy, then Carol flew to St. Louis to visit Maureen and Maureen.

September and October was a wonderful trip to the other side of the world: Kiev (Ukraine), Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tallinn (Estonia) and Helsinki. Here is a modest sample from the more than 2,300 pictures.

November saw us in Tucson, visiting family and celebrating another high school reunion., then celebrating Thanksgiving with the Forbes' and Wilson's.. Here is a picture of Evelyn and Suzan.

The year came to a crashing close as Carol attended the San Diego showing of the Moscow Ballet, a gift from Suzan Wilson.

A wonderful Holiday season to all and to all a happy and healthy New Year.

Write us if you care....Carol, Anthony, or Arnie.

BTW, we are all on Facebook, even Ted the Cat. CUL

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