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[The survey has been completed and the average age of the readers of these holiday letters is now over 60 years of age. (Isn't 60 the new 40??) In light of that, we need to constantly review the Cast of Characters....let's review, shall we? Carol, the wife and mother; Anthony the son and student; Arnie, your demented and screwed-up author; Mickey, Carol's mom and our two cats, Teeger and Ted].

There were a number of trips that we enjoyed, but the last thing readers of holiday letters want to read, are all about people's trips. So.....that will be the last thing you will read in this letter (get it?).

Carol, the Master Gardener, was busy gardening all year long. She has spent less time this past year with her hands in the backyard dirt and is now into an adminsitrative role, as the 2nd vice president of the San Diego Master Gardener program. (Unfortunately, this author, due to exhaustion, has stepped back a bit from his involvement in the Baiter Program). If the MG (Master Gardener) program wasn't enough, this glutton for punishment is also the co-program chair for the San Diego Horticulture Society .....and she is still at Quail Botanitical Gardens, doing her "docenting."

Remember that world famous, California famous, Southern California famous, San Diego famous, San Diego North County famous, landscape design company, Pelican Design? There was some work this year, but most of her time has been taking up with the other, non-profit gardening organizations.

The other star of the show is Anthony. This writer distinctively remembers this past September, receiving a call from that young boy and hearing the words that will never be forgotten. Anthony called and said "I've made a decision that will change my life!" Fearing the worst, I became very apprehensive. I even contemplated immediate reentry into the Baiter program.

Even worse, Anthony said he wanted to go into accounting. He wanted to be a CPA. Well, we always needed someone in the family skilled in Cleaning, Pressing and Alterations, so what was wrong with that?? "No, No", Anthony said, "a CPA!!"

I said, "ever since your mother brought you into this world, you have been a Constant Pain in the Ass, what else was new??" Not being the sharpest knife in the drawer, I quickly learned that Anthony was going to become a Certified Public Accountant. Well shoot, there goes my money-laundering business.

And less than one month after this awakening, Anthony landed a job. Like any proud and aging parent, I recount the story over and the same people, often times in the same conversation. Anthony used our car and went to his second interview with McGladery and Pullen, one of the top accounting firms and shortly thereafter, was hired. To top it off, he will be based in San Diego.

Carol's mom, (remember her name?)...Mickey, celebrated her 92nd birthday this past August. She is doing well, but suffering from dementia. When we ask her how old she is, she says she in in her 60's. That's OK...'cause when you ask me how old I am, I'll tell you that I am in my 30's.

Yes, we took a few trips this past year...The three of us went to Hawaii. and our resident and budding accountant suggested that we write the trip off. Courtesy of Arnie's friend who owns the local clock and watch store, we found the time to stay at his Kauai home and frolic on the beach.

Carol and Arnie also took a few days with some other wine-o's and drove around aimlessly in Napa Valley going from one vineyard to another to another to another. It was a fantastic time at a very nice B&B.

The next trip in the series was to attend a wedding in Carol's family. We were in New York for the wedding, visited Arnie's brother and his family..then struck out on a two week trip to parts of New England with The Honorable Mr. Cianciulli...or at least that is what he calls himself. After 38 years on the Yonkers, New York, Zoning Booored of Appeals, he has the right to call himself Honorable...and with good reason. He took me to one of his meetings and that was the best and deepest two hours and 59 minutes of sleep that I enjoyed on the trip. We went to Newport, Rhode Island and with some friends and the Honorable Mr. Cianciulli, saw some of the mansions. While we were in Newport, Humberto and Kristen (from the Tucson High School family) came up to visit.

Then off to Cape Cod, we visited, among other places, the Coastie station at Woods Hole. We stayed in Kennebunkport, Maine, where we visited George Bush, the Elder's, estate and took a side trip to Ogunquit. On the way home, we stopped in Chicago to visit Arnie's Aunt Gladys, also known as Aunt Happy Bottom (get it??).

While on this trip, we stopped in at the amateur radio organization, the American Radio Relay League headquarters in Newington CT, took a tour and Arnie operated one of the positions of the world famous, W1AW.

The last trip of the year was to Tucson for the next in an ongoing series of high school reunions for Arnie. We always enjoy staying with Bob and Vicki Saxon on the far east side of town. They introduced us to Lewis Black, they can't be all bad. Here are some pictures from our last reunion.

Me? To further my public service communications knowledge, I am working, part time, under a Homeland Security Grant through San Diego State University Research Foundation, gathering information regarding interoperable communications in Southern California. That is the ability for different public service agencies (law, fire, EMS, etc.) on different frequencies and systems to talk to each other. Yes, I am still working with the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services, playing with ham radio and freight traffic services. And nearly every morning, you will find me at LA Fitness either on the stair machine, going nowhere upward; or in the pool...going back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth....well you get the idea.

Mickey (Carol's mother, [you forgot already, didna?]), last year recorded the annual holiday greeting for everyone. The circumstances don't change and it is just as relevant now, as it was last year. Please click here to download the file. It is about a 3.5 Meg file, so if you don't have a high speed connection, go find someone that does.

Teeger is doing just fine, thank you, sleeps and eats...but poor Ted (the orange tabby) has developed a bad case of asthma and is on constant medication.

Life only gets better and I get younger and better looking. If you are so inclined, sent us a note... Carol, Anthony, my buddy Guido or Don't Even Bother.


Lastly, we leave you with words of wisdom for the coming years: Time flies like an arrow, but fruit flies like a banana.


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