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We flew into Amsterdam and were met by Rob and Joop, two ham radio operators that I have been corresponding with over the past year. (See PI4W) for more information regarding my ham radio adventures. The first thing Rob presents us with are these fuzzy wooden shoes!

We picked up our rental car and followed Rob and Joop to Rob's house in Bodegraven. Stayed a spell and then drove to our B&B in Reeuwijk (using Rob's TomTom), one town away. Here is a picture of our B&B.
As you can see, the roads are barely one lane wide and take a bit to get used to.
Just a few days after arriving, we were guests of Rob and his family for a traditional Dutch dinner.
Rob and his wife and Carol and I, were guests of Peter (right) and his wife at a most wonderful restaurant in Bodegraven.
Nearby Reeuwijk and Bodegraven is Gouda, renown for their cheese. Here is one of the cheese shops we visited.
One afternoon, we drove to Delft and visited the Jan Vermeer Museum. Remember Vermeer's Lady Writing a Letter with her Maid? Here are Carol and Lottie, Rob's daughter, reenacting the painting.

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