To make a short story long, the fellow in the back of the picture is Rob Aartman, a friend who Arnie has connected with over the airways. In the middle is Fred and Stan is in the front of the picture. Rob's call letters are PA3GVI, Fred is PA8F and Stan is PA8C.

I came to the Netherlands early to operate in a world-wide DX Contest, the goal of which is to talk to as many countries as you can in a 48 hour time period.

Instead of contesting from Southern California as I do, I thought it would be most interesting to contest from the other side of the world. So I talked Rob into letting me operate from their contest station, PI4W, in Kamerik close to Rob's home in Bodegraven, about 45 minutes from Amsterdam.

Peter, PA8A, is on the left and Fred is on the right.
Another member of the club is Joop, PD2JAM. All these people were wonderful and most hospitable.
These five operators and a few others, banded together and purchased a shipping container and turned it into a radio room. As you can see from the above picture, they rent a small amount of space from a farmer in Kamerik. Antennas were erected and here is where we operated from during the contest on October 25 and 26.
Rob and I took the Noon to 6 PM shift as that is the optimum time to contact the States, primarily Southern California.
Here is a picture of Erik, PD5EK, and their new guest operator.
Rob's call sign is PA3GVI and his card is above. I needed some new cards and we decided to become a "sister" stations.