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Back by little, if any, is The Lewin Family Virtual, Interactive

Year-end, Letter for 2020.


All right, fess up, have you been hoarding toilet paper and other paper products in fear of the coming apocalypse?

If so, I recommend that you quickly invest in Procter & Gamble. I hear Charmin touched a new bottom today.


Now the latest item to fly off the shelves are antacids. Stress of this pandemic is becoming over whelming.


And speaking of politics…ah, er, never mind.



Well, what can we say, it has been an interesting year, staying close to home, staring at the TV, the iPad, the computer screens, peering outside in hopes that something out of the ordinary will go by. A new car on the street, someone taking a walk, oh look there is a huge dog walking south, he is leaving us a gift in the front. Perhaps someone is coming to visit, we can sit on the back deck, socially distant and enjoy a meal and conversation. Sitting on the back deck, we enjoy the bird feeder and the freeloaders coming by. Earlier in the year, we had hooded orioles stopping by to enjoy the grape jelly. They will be back next year; I am sure our address and directions have been published in the Oriole Times-Picayune.

We were entertained by a hawk and her (his?) little hawks in a nearby tree. We watched as they grew and one even enjoyed dining al fresco on the railing of our deck.

Every time we see a car slowly driving by, we await for Michael Anthony on behalf of John Beresford Tipton. No luck yet.

Not even a visit or drive-by from Publishers Clearing House.

As a result of this pandemic (perhaps), people are putting their money into their homes and construction in our neighborhood has exploded. Across the street, almost the entire house is being gutted and redone. Next door, when a 100-foot Torrey Pine fell on their garage early one morning, they were finally able to rebuild the garage and reroof the entire house. The old lady in the house behind sold and the new owners have totally gutted the house and are in the s-l-o-w process of rebuilding, from the walls inward. One Saturday we were treated to the jack-hammering of the pool deck and its removal. The pool remains. And we cannot wait for the empty lot across the street and a few lots down from here, to be developed. There have been some heavy equipment working that property.

The first quarter of the year, I spent working in near sub-zero temperatures in Springfield, Illinois. (Now I know why all the old people move to Florida or Southern California). Anyway, took a few weekends and visited all the places of interest related to Abraham Lincoln. I was one of those that thought that Lincoln was buried at/in the Lincoln Memorial in Washington. Not so, he is resting comfortably in Springfield.

We have also become very adept at visits via online platforms such as Zoom, (Microsoft) Teams and WebEx. Carol had no idea cocktail parties could be so much fun.

Carol has been knitting up a storm, the clicking of needles (and occasional bad words) is ever present. Out popped sweaters, scarfs and the like, but nothing for me. Not even a lousy beanie.

But above all, above all the rest, above everything else, we became grandparents. Finally. At long last.

He is a beautiful little boy, Archer Flynn Lewin, growing up in Aspen. Archer looks like his father who looks like his father. We Facetime almost daily so Archer is beginning to realize that his grandparents are only two dimensional. His mother, Erin, takes wonderful pictures and I grab them and post there here. Keep watching that site, pictures added almost daily.

Just as this yearly effort goes to press, I have learned that a childhood friend, Howard Kline has passed. Despite knowing me since third grade, he had a stellar career in the US Navy, graduating from Annapolis and then commanding several ships including the USS Puget Sound and the USS Stein.

A happy and healthy 2021 from Southern California and Aspen to all.

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