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It has been another busy year for all of us…

I, your author, have been working around the country this year with overseas travel in between.

February and March I was in the state of Washington. While working, I traveled as much as I could spending much time driving the Olympic Peninsula. Here is a link to some pictures: .

Then we visited Scotland. First 11 days we traveled on our own. We rented a car and sure enough, drove on the other side of the road. Some of the two lane roads were exceptionally narrow and when faced with a huge lorry (that is a truck in the UK), coming toward you in the right lane, it became a bit unnerving. Many of the roads we were on were single lane with a “passing place” pullout now and then. When you spot an approaching vehicle, first one to the nearest passing place pulls over; except if it is a truck or large bus. You always pull over for them. They are bigger.

I heard words from Carol that I had no idea that she knew. Would make a seasoned sailor blush. Then, to make matters worse, the lady inside our GPS, between her directions, said to stop the car, she wanted out, too.
We drove from Glasgow all the way to the north eastern most point, John O’Groats, across the northern shore and back to Edinburgh. That was 1100 miles in 11 days, on the other side of the road. Pictures here: .

We then embarked on a 14 day cruise around Scotland, Wales, Dublin and ending in London. Pictures here:
Came home and I worked in Austin, Texas for several months. Only 105 degrees.

Returned home and flew to France. Five of us drove around for a month, visiting such towns as Dinon, Chinon, Nontron, Mount Saint Michel, the Normandy beaches and area, the Loire Valley, the Dordogne Valley and ending up just outside of the town of Martel. We rarely drove on the highways, but drove through many small towns and along the coast. I was the designated driver, adding 2500 miles to the odometer.

Sorry, there are only pictures of Radio France International posted at . From there, you can access many other trips and events.

Home for a few weeks, then off to Durham, North Carolina for Hurricane Matthew recovery. Night time temperatures of 7 degrees and getting colder.

Carol continues her horticulture adventures with the Master Gardener’s Association and the local botanical garden. You know the routine, “You can lead a horticulture, but you can’t…” Never mind.

Carol, the entrepreneur, saw and bought what she calls a “wrap” while in Spain last year. She and friend decided to go into business cutting, sewing and selling the wraps under the business name of Material Mavins. Mostly because they would not let me be the model on , I suggested the name should be “Does this Wrap Make Me Look Fat.” I was one of very few that liked the name.

Anthony and Erin continue to enjoy Colorado, he working for the City of Aspen and she continuing her home-based Internet business. Their daily activities are closely guarded by Fred, their prized and talkative feline. They continue to look for more permanent housing, but good properties don’t become available that often. They visited and spent Thanksgiving with us and we celebrated his birthday the following day.

That’s about it for this year, another fun-filled working year. We wish everyone a wonderful Holiday Season and healthy New Year.

For this edition of the Letter, “It’s a wrap.”

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