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{I admit, the humor herein is distant and obscure, but the year has been a busy one and this is the best I can do on the last day of the year}

Another year has passed and it is almost SOS, Same Old Stuff, again...Carol is doing the same stuff as she did last year. We traveled a bit, too. Our philosophy is to travel while we still have some of our physical health left. Our mental health has been fleeting.

Remember we talked about Erin and Anthony getting married? They did.


Here are more pictures from the ceremony and here are the pictures from the reception on the cruise ship. Actually, the official date of their wedding is January 25, but we celebrated on board the cruise ship sailing in the Caribbean. Matter of fact, here are all the pictures from the cruise.

Not only did they get married, Erin and Anthony moved from drab Indianapolis to vibrant Denver. To top it off, Anthony, carefully using his inherited charm, landed a job with the City of Denver as a senior auditor. Well done, Anthony !!

Erin has a prospering business as a web page designer. All right, I know...why doesn't she do my web pages? It's sad when Anthony ridicules my web pages, those that emanate from before Al Gore's Internet, but Erin does quality work. You wouldn't expect that of me, would you?

Carol is still volunteering at all the same places, Master Gardeners, Encinitas Library, San Diego Botanic Garden, a member of several book groups and frequents local restaurants with her friends.

We travelled in February, going to Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia. A few pictures here.

For one of my jobs, I traveled to Los Alamitos, California; Columbia, South Carolina; Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania; Syracuse, New York, Salina, Kansas; Great Falls, Montana; Reno, Nevada; Salem, Oregon; Des Moines, Iowa and Yuma, Arizona.

For the other job, I started the year in New York City with Hurricane Sandy, then in August went to Aurora, Illinois to work on flooding issues. I spent most of my weekends in Chicago, here are a few more pictures.

And for my third part time job, I am still working.

In October, we decided to go French and spent a month in France. First two weeks were in Provence (South of France), staying in Arles, third week was in Paris and the fourth week was a cruise on the Seine around Paris. I wanted to walk in Vincen't Van Gogh's footsteps, that is why we stayed in Arles. We were fortunate to do so and here is a set of pictures dedicated to Van Gogh. The apartment booked in Paris was in an excellent location, midway between two Metro (subway) stops and a 10 minute walk to the Eiffel Tower. However it was quite small, about 15 feet deep and 6 feet wide and there was no toilette. It was at the end of the hall. Good thing neither of us have prostrate problems. Here are some pictures of the apartment and the toilette stalls. It was a wonderful trip, however and the museums were the best. Here are the pictures from Paris.

Thanksgiving found us in the Seattle area, Bainbridge Island, to be precise. We enjoyed Thanksgiving with friends Mickey and Ron on the Island, then we drove to the Portland area, and visited with Mark and Carolyn. From there we stayed in a time share in Welches (foothills of Mt. Hood) and I ended the trip with a bit of work in Salem. Pictures can be found here.

The bride and the groom paid us a December visit, we had a great time, in 80 degree weather...



A wonderful Holiday season to all and to all a happy and healthy New Year.

Write us if you care....Carol, Anthony, or Erin..

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